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I'm Thinking Of Writing A Book

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Writing My First Book

Writing a book is a huge challenge, but one that is extremely rewarding. To end up with your own book in your hands is a goal that most people don’t ever achieve in their lifetimes, and it is something that may remain in the world long after you are gone.

However, this is no easy task you’ve set yourself. How does one create an imaginary world from scratch? Portray realistic, believable characters? How can I make my writing sing with the intelligence and flow of a timeless masterpiece?

There are a million different kinds of books and a million different ways to write them. Similarly, there are a million things you might not know as a novice writer.

Talking to an experienced writer, mentor or editor before writing your book can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Writing your first book can be like walking alone into a forest without a guide or a lamp. You will probably trip over dozens if not hundreds of times before you learn to navigate the forest with any proficiency, and sometimes it’s a much less frustrating and more interesting process when you have someone at your side who’s walked the path before.

With the planning processes you’ll go through with your writing mentor (worldbuilding, character development, etc.), you’ll have a much clearer idea of where you’re going and how to get there.

More than a story

A book is more than just a story, and more than just a product, but in an ideal scenario we can make money from our passions. If you want to sell your book, you need to think of it like a product you are developing. Other than how you weave together the characters, the plot, the clever ideas and poetic prose, you also need to consider who will be reading your book and how they will find it.

The Book Editor not only can help you with your writing technique and story structure, but can also help you fine-tune it to the appropriate reader, help you piece it together, help you market it, help you finish it, and help you finish it well.

Coaching and Mentoring Services

There is certainly no shame in getting someone professional to help you with something you want to do well. In fact, sometimes having another person to help inspire you, bounce ideas off, talk out loud to, is a huge driver for motivation and completing the project in a reasonable timeframe. A writing mentor is like that enthusiastic friend you always wanted who wants you to succeed, wants you to produce the best work of your life so you will taste accomplishment, witness excellence in your own work, and hopefully reap success as a result.

The Book Editor can help your writing improve dramatically, using a combination of technical knowledge, subtle techniques, reader psychology, marketing psychology, help with spelling and grammar, and expose you to a whole world of technique and strategy that is bespoke, personalised to you and your book.

“How will my mentor help me?”

  • Personalised manuscript assessment

  • HONEST writing feedback and constructive criticism

  • World-building help, planning, and discussion

  • Character sheets

  • Help with book and plot structure

  • Helping you to hone your writing technique:

    • Pace and flow

    • Description

    • Narration

    • Character interaction

    • Spelling, grammar, and sentence structure

    • Language

    • Punctuation use

  • Video resources

  • Publishing advice (for self-pub or finding a publisher)

  • Optional homework, writing exercises, and goals/due dates.


With a writing mentor package, you will also receive a character sheet that will help you to create the deepest, most realistic characters.

If you also begin writing your story with TBE, we can go through the world-building process in minute detail, creating a world for your story that would impress even Tolkien.

Writing homework can also be a huge help with writing. This is not meant to be boring or time-consuming; in fact, it’s really just me telling you to keep writing by setting you deadlines. Without a mentor, you will only disappoint yourself if you give up or fall behind schedule; but if you’re with me, I’ll be driving you and cheering you on towards your goal so you’ll have a book in your hands before you know it.

Other benefits of having a writing coach

As I said earlier, it can save a lot of time and money knowing how to approach your book before you even start. The better your first draft is, the less time has to be spent editing, and the fewer times you’ll likely have to go back and change things.

Not only are you going to be developing your writing from a private tutor, but you are working towards your goals and creating something unique that you can treasure for the rest of your life. This is like a private teacher, a business mentor, and an inspiring friend all wrapped into one.

There is no minimum time, no contract required, and if you think you can take on the rest of the book by yourself, you have no obligation to your mentor.

“Can I even afford this?”

As a writer myself, I know what it’s like to have to balance your creative passions with living in the real world. Compromises have to be made, and I know first hand how it feels to have a can of beans for dinner. But let’s not hope it comes to that.

Unlike the editing process, writing coaching does not require investment in nearly as many paid hours. A bit of assessment here, a bit of coaching there, and the rest of your time is that which you spend working towards your dream. Just like with a music teacher, you might only spend one or two hours a week learning with a professional, and the rest of the time is you putting your own blood, sweat and tears into bringing your project to life. Your mentor will just be there when you need them, and you can step away from the tutoring process at any time if your bank account is cringing.

The standard hourly rates for writing coaching begins at $60 NZD per hour, which you will certainly get good value for. But I’m not here to bankrupt you; I’m here to help you. If you want a lot of help with your book without having to sell your organs to pay for it, I’m always willing to find a solution that will allow us both to profit from the situation.

Get in touch today and we can talk about what you’re looking for. There’s no harm in a conversation!

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