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Looking for a proofreader for your university essay or dissertation? 

We can do simple proofreads for you or something a little extra...

An Affordable Editor For Your Dissertation Or University Essay


If you’re writing a university essay or dissertation, one of your top priorities should be to ensure it reads well. It can bring down the whole project when the marker finds simple mistakes with spelling or grammar, and can make the whole piece seem unprofessional as a result. Essay editing in NZ is becoming a popular and necessary part of the university process, to ensure it is of adequate and publishable quality.

When looking for a dissertation editor, you’ll naturally be looking for one that is both capable and reasonably priced. Dissertation proofreading takes a lot of energy and critical examination to make sure it is all properly and formally written to expected standards, and for a project of high importance like this, you’ll want something a little more reliable than your friend giving it a quick look. Make sure your work is mistake-free and checked for readability by getting a professional NZ editor to check over your work.

More than just proofreading


In truth, you may find a cheaper proofreader somewhere online. As a student, keeping prices low is probably going to be one of your biggest considerations. While even cheap proofreaders may show in their work, you might also consider something else you can get from this process that you can't get from some two-dollar proofer you found on Fiverr.

While we simple editor folk can't promise to have a doctorate in your subject of study, we're a good neutral party to help gauge if your writing is comprehensible from a layman's perspective. We can offer ideas for sentence reconfiguration and essay layout, assessing whether your writing style and material is both understood and engaging. We can help to identify places in your manuscript that may need to be explained better, asking questions to help drive your written piece in a way that doesn't sound like it's repeating itself. 


We're flexible with the approach we can take. And shh, don't tell anyone, but we may be able to get you a slightly more affordable rate to suit your student budget.   

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