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Children's Books

Picture books and rhyming stories aren't as simple as you might expect! In fact, it can take careful language and specialised delivery to create an enchanting story a child can follow and love. 

Popular Services for Children's Books

Comprehensive Edit

$65 / hour

Structural & line editing. Standard editing for children's books. Includes all-encompassing feedback that takes all parts of your manuscript into account, proofing for errors with optional formatting. With the Comprehensive, we'll assess your story structure, your characters, and the rhythm and patterns of your story, ensuring the language and complexity are in alignment with your target reader.

Rhyme Editing

$80 / hour

Rhyme is some of the hardest prose to write, and some of the most difficult to edit! If you're a beginner in rhyme, we can coach you and provide resources to not just improve your book, but to improve your skills with this tricky artform.

This package is required for any children's book set in rhyme. It encompasses everything the Comprehensive Edit does and more, paying special attention to the rhythm and delivery of each line. 

Author Website / Platform

$95 / hour

Want to make a beautiful website for promoting or selling your books? We can create a great-looking author platform with the functionality you require, setting it up so it's easy for you to maintain. 

We can create websites quickly and inexpensively, keeping things both neat and functional. We can also set up e-commerce capability so that you can sell books directly from your website.

Your New Favourite NZ Children’s Book Editor

Children’s books are as important to parents as they are to children. When it comes to writing a picture book or children’s story, it takes a delicate touch to appeal to both the primary readership and also the individual who ultimately makes the purchase.

The Book Editor specialises as a children’s book editor, focusing on consistent rhythmic structuring and aesthetic flow that will capture and hold a child’s attention. If you are looking for someone who will help you to construct a rhyming or picture book in your own style, get in contact today so we can make your book one that truly resonates with a young readership.

What if I’m looking for a rhyming book editor?

Rhyming is a specialty of ours! We offer rhyme book editing for both new and advanced writers — and with a much more personal touch than some of the bigger editing companies out there. We’ll help you to construct a manuscript that combines all the elements of storytelling that appeal to the curiosity of a child’s imagination.

Rhyming is an artform, and a surprisingly technical and strategic one at that. As rhyme and rhythm can take so many forms, it needs to assume any kind or ability of the reader, as every person has their own rhythm when reading. Rhyme book editing takes a practised hand, and one that is willing to find alternate methods of delivery. There is timing and wordplay to consider, ambiguities that will be received differently by different readers, and above all, the aesthetic pleasure of having a colourful, comprehensible story. With children’s book editing, it’s imperative to find someone who can help you to create that consistent, simple flow that resonates with the playful nature within us all.

Picture book editing at a reasonable price

Picture books are naturally much more than just pictures. The script and illustration must work effectively together as a whole, yet the words themselves must conduct and direct the pictures.

If you feel your story is ready for the next step toward being read by youngsters, The Book Editor can provide you with affordable children’s book editing that you won’t regret. Get in touch today to discuss your story.

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