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Why Do I Need An Editor?

If you’re serious about selling your book, you need to consider that your goal is to become a professional writer. A professional writer needs a professional-looking manuscript, one that's free of silly little errors and uses cutting-edge writing theory to deliver the most impactful piece of writing you possibly can. For this kind of professionalism, it only makes sense to have some professional editing services on side.

But this isn't just about cutting out errors. Once you've finished your first draft, you've created the block of stone from which we can chisel a masterpiece. You alone have one perspective on your book, but with more eyes and another brain scanning the story, you open up the options and ideas for how best to deliver not just your words, but your ideas, your characters, your story, your magic, your fantasy world...  

Fortunately enough, The Book Editor provides personalised and professional pre-publish editing services for any piece of writing at an hourly rate. Read more below.


Why Should I Get My Book Edited?


Editing is simply the process of optimising one’s work, making it better structured, better understood, and more compelling to read. As a writer, you’ve read your own work a thousand times, which makes it extremely difficult to see your book in a new light. It takes a fresh pair of eyes for a fresh perspective. As a writer myself, I would still seek someone else for proofreading my work, as it’s far too easy to become accustomed to your own bad habits and blind spots. The characters and plot make perfect sense in your own head, but it may be received totally differently by a stranger who picks up your book for the first time.

Two brains are always better than one. I’d like to work with you by discussing and breaking down with you the elements of your book. The underlying character motives, the clever plot twists... I aim to let your best writing qualities work to their fullest potential — without changing your style or losing the unique essence of your story.


Pick a Book Editor from New Zealand

Our small team of New Zealand book editors has experience in a range of different book-related services and proofreading styles. Being native English speakers who have grown up in Aotearoa, we're familiar with Kiwi lingo, local culture, as well as some basic words and phrases in Te Reo Maori. If your book has a Kiwiana flavour to it, or you're wanting to appeal to your fellow countrymen, local editing services in NZ are your best option.

Best suited to New Zealand phraseology and style guides, we can work in a variety of style guides and forms of English, including the international favourite: the Chicago Manual of Style. Any country and dialect will have its point of difference when it comes to the style of writing and language used; and while there's a limit to our understanding of foreign cultures and phraseology, we are still familiar with the grammatical rules and differences of American and British English.  

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