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Business Docs & Tenders

We can work alone or in a team in proofing, refining and managing your business tender to show that little extra shine to your clients.  

A Freelance B2B Proofreader For Your Proposal Or Document

If you’re looking for an extra brain and set of eyes for proofreading a legal document, a bid proposal, or an RFP (Request for Proposal), you would naturally be seeking a high level of quality you can take to your clients. Milica and Matthew are great team players and intellectual assets who will help get your document to the required professional standard.

With a short brief, we will set to work on the project at hand, delivering a great quality script within a short timeframe.

Matthew also has a background in marketing, so can help to address your clients’ requirements with the style and quality they would expect.

A Quick, Professional Tender Editor based in Auckland, New Zealand

With little briefing required, we can commence work quickly and without complication at short notice. Milica and Matthew are both easygoing, and will adapt to your office's work style and perform diligently so you get quality results within the required timeframe.

Whether the assignment is a bid proposal, a Request For Proposal (RFP), a legal document, or any other document that requires a high level of detail and attention, rest assured that it will be treated with the utmost care and respect.

Richard Garrett

National Tenders Manager, Waste Management

"Matthew helped me out with proofreading for a very large, complex and important tender document.
He was thorough, precise and pedantic. Exactly what I needed from a proofreader. He did a really good job; I was very pleased with his work."
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