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Where will your story take you?

Anything 'Book' Services

Anything with words in it has the potential to be optimised. But in addition to both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, we can also help with marketing, author websites, coaching, or just be the friendly local book editor you can chat with. Every project is unique, so get in touch to see how we can help you with it.

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Novels & Stories

Fiction or non-fiction, a written story needs more than just proofreading and some red ink. Delivering a new world, new characters or an enthralling story requires a strategic approach and artistic technique. 

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Children's Books

Children's books are some of the easiest stories to write, but some of the hardest to write well.

Rhyme or not, even a children's book needs applied writing theory and careful consideration of language. 

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Beyond Writing

Publishing a book takes a completely different skill set. Book design, marketing, printing, distribution, author platforms...  There's a whole universe of technical jargon and expertise required to sell a book. 


Recent Projects

World in Progress

A non-fiction detailing a new socioeconomic system and management plan for Planet Earth.

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Dream Catcher

A fantasy audiobook with celestial adventures. Tamara Star is a national children's icon empowering kids to stay drug-free.

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Words About Birds

Rhymes about NZ birdlife with beautiful collage illustrations.

Available in English and Te Reo.

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Your Trusty New Zealand Book Editor

Hiring an editor for your book may seem like an expensive exercise, and one that you shouldn’t need to spend money on — because your book is already amazing, right?

Any writer who’s serious about publishing their book should get a second opinion, and a fresh pair of eyes to experience your story from an outside perspective. What might the reader have trouble understanding? Are there any plot holes or inconsistencies? Wherever you are in the writing process, The Book Editor can help polish your book to a publishable, professional state.


Welcome to The Book Editor’s website.

The Book Editor provides a number of book-related services, from basic proofreading to strategic book marketing, all with honest timekeeping. For any type of written work — books, essays, theses, or bid proposals — The Book Editor will deliver you a great result for a reasonable price.

If you're hesitant to invest your hard-earned money in an editor, read here about why you might need an editor and how one can help you. If you'd like to try before you buy and see if The Book Editor is right for you, check if you're eligible for a free editing trial. This will not only help you to get a better idea of what kind of feedback we're likely to be giving you, but it can also help us to get a better idea of the project at hand as well as how long it will take us, getting a more accurate price estimate for you. 

Any other questions can be taken to the contact page. If there's a lot to discuss, we'd also be happy to chat things through with you on the phone or a video call. 

If you’re not entirely convinced you need an editor, click here.

Teswell White

Last of the Nomads

Matthew is brilliant! The way he thinks, the way he looks at sentences and paragraphs in the context of a story, making it flow better for the reader, is magic.
Thank you for grounding me and my story in reality. I like the comments and the suggestions; they’re pure and honest.
Thank you also for your professionalism working with a tough project.

Rowena Harris

Wiremu & Kiri from Rata Close

If the opportunity arises to use The Book Editor’s service again I would not hesitate. Found Matthew respectful, friendly, helpful and timely throughout the process of having my story edited.
Thank you for making my first dabble in the writing world stress-free and giving me the courage to take the next step towards publishing.

Susan Ku

Beware of the Tooth Monster

Matthew’s critique service was absolutely amazing! The feedback he gave me was excellent and just what my work needed. I found his feedback so helpful that I even returned for a third round of revision! After three passes, my manuscript looked more polished than ever before. He was very professional and I would love to have him as my editor for my future work. I am so glad I found him! Thank you so much!
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A Book By Its Cover

The editing process can sometimes be painful. Your book is your baby, and it's taken blood, sweat and tears to craft and shape it before finally summoning the courage to take it to an editor who's going to... tell you what you've done wrong?

The editing process is not just a process of 'fixing'. It's a journey for both of us (writer and editor) to learn more about your book and even learn more about storytelling in the process. In order to give you the appropriate feedback, I need to familiarise myself with your book and your writing style. It's quite psychological! From there, I do my best to offer perspective. This is a combination of writing theory, the communication and interpretation of ideas and imagery, and cold, hard logic. Together, we want to turn your manuscript into something that is effortless for a reader to digest, something that captures them and keeps them churning through the pages like they can't even help themselves. 

I have certain philosophies when it comes to editing:

  1. Preserve the author's own style and 'voice'. I'm here to help you with your book, not to take over!

  2. If it's fun to write, it's fun to read. Who said editing has to be boring? Let's have fun with it!

  3. While trimming and refining are important, editing is also a process of exploration and expansion of ideas. I like to think of editing as a discussion between writer and editor, working together to bring your manuscript to its fullest potential. Don't be afraid to respond to, or even disagree with, the comments left for you in the file. We're two trimmers at the same hedge! 

It's not always so easy to consider someone else's ideas for your book. I've been on the other side of it too, and I know that receiving feedback can sometimes be intense and overwhelming. While I do my best to offer feedback that suits both writer and book, I want to know what approach you want or need that is going to serve you during this process. Tell me what works for you and what kind of guidance you respond best to. I'm here to help you improve your book, not to tell you what to do! We're both passionate writers, so let's have a human conversation about how to fit the pieces together and get your book to its highest potential.

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