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Book Services

Simple Proofread

$60 / hour

The quickest, simplest, cheapest option for tidying up a piece of writing. Great for business documents and essays for a professional finish. Novels and other narrative-based pieces are better suited to a Comprehensive Edit.

Book-Planning Support

$75 / hour

Before your pen hits the page, do you know what you want to achieve?

What is your intention? How are you going to get there? What might it involve?

We can help you plan your book. From worldbuilding to character development, we have some useful tips you could use...

E-Book Creation & Upload

$95 / hour

Want your book on Amazon and other online platforms? We can do e-book conversion in different formats, as well as book formatting, preparation and upload to Amazon 'print-on-demand'.

Comprehensive Edit

$75 / hour

Structural & line-editing. The go-to for any narrative piece, including novels, children's books, histories and true stories. All-encompassing feedback that takes all parts of your manuscript into account, proofing for errors with optional formatting.

Author Website / Platform

$95 / hour

Want to make a beautiful website for promoting or selling your books? We can create a great-looking author platform with the functionality you require, setting it up so it's easy for you to maintain. 

Rhyme Editing

$85 / hour

Rhyme is some of the hardest prose to write, and some of the most difficult to edit! If you're a beginner in rhyme, we can coach you and provide resources to not just improve your book, but to improve your skills with this tricky artform.

The 10-Hour Edit

$700 flat rate

A popular pick for those with tight budgets. The 10-Hour Edit is a flat rate for a set amount of work. The idea is that the feedback we give you during these 10 hours can be extrapolated and applied more broadly to your manuscript. However, it's no replacement for a full edit.


$110 / hour

Want your book to be seen, read, bought? We can strategise with you the whole way: from book-cover design to multimedia content and online ads. Nobody will read your book if it's not attractive to buy, and nobody will even consider buying it if they don't know it exists. 

Book Video Interview

From $350

A video is one of the most powerful pieces of marketing content you can get. 
Talking about your own book will only be so convincing, but to be interviewed shows that you mean business! You’ll look important, perhaps semi-famous, and we can help to design an interview that works for your project.

Manuscript Assessment

$70 / hour

Once you've finished your first draft, you may need some general direction and feedback. A manuscript assessment (MSA) involves a quick read-through, identifying key strengths and weaknesses as well as what may be required to get your manuscript published.

Writing Coaching

$85 / hour

For special attention to your manuscript and development of your writing, we can work with you by supplying you invaluable resources, advice and tips. We can set up a schedule for regular work and check-ins over messenger or phone. 

Free Editing Trial


If you'd like to see if The Book Editor is the right fit for you and your book, feel free to request a 1000-word editing trial. This will help us get you a price estimate for a full edit as well as give you a preview of what kinds of changes and feedback we'd be offering.

[For books over 20,000 words only]

** Urgent/priority work may incur a 15–20% surcharge. **


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